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The St Hyacinthus House (La Maison Saint Hyacinthe) is an old convent whose buildings have been abandoned during a long period then recently restored by the CONCORDE ASSOCIATION Funds of the Polish Catholic Mission in France.

picture maison saint hyacinthe

The buildings are situqted in a 6.91 acres park planted with one-hundred year old olive trees and palm trees on terrassed lawns on the hills overlooking Miomo at Santa Maria di Lota of Corsica. It’s a place filled with history forming a rich inheritance of the pieve of Lota, which you will discover on this page.

Today the Maison Saint Hyacinthe is attached to the Ajaccio diocèse and surrounding parishes. Its vocation is to welcome people, families or groups who desire:

  • A simple resort to rest and retire in a calm natural place.
  • A starting point for mountain excursions.
  • To organize a family reunion (holy communion, wedding, anniversary).
  • To organize professional seminars and meetings.
  • To organize courses based on music, painting, nature , health, well-being, or spirituality (yoga, etc.).
La Maison welcomes associations or communities desiring to organize a retreat away from the pressures and demands of the workplace.

You will discover:

Forms for reservation

In order to be sure of availability, it is advisable to fill out a booking form, or write or phone or email or fax in order to reserve your stay by applying to the Sister Superior.